Money transfer from Canada is returned, With multiple options available for receipt.

Money Transfers to Sudan

Transferring money internationally can be a hassle, especially when sending funds to developing countries like Sudan. Wired services and banks typically charge high fees, give poor exchange rates, and transactions can take days to process. Fortunately, there’s a better solution – Altras money transfer service. 

Altras provides fast, secure, and low-cost digital money transfers directly to Sudan. As a leading money transmitter focused specifically on the Sudan corridor from major regions like the United Kingdom, Europe, and Canada, Altras leverages modern technology to make sending money home quick and affordable.

Sending Money to Sudan Made Easy with Altras

Here are some of the great benefits Altras offers on Sending Money to Sudan from UK, Europe, and Canada:

Lower Fees

Thanks to its digital business model and focus on volume transactions, Altras only charges a small, transparent transfer fee less than traditional wire services and banks. You get to keep more of your hard-earned cash rather than paying exorbitant charges.

Better Exchange Rates

Not only do Altras have lower transfer fees, but they also offer highly competitive exchange rates. More of your money is converted to Sudanese Pounds (SDG), giving your family extra purchasing power with transfers. The online system refreshes exchange rates multiple times daily to give favorable rates.

Fast Transactions 

Once approved, digital transfers reach Sudan almost instantly. Beneficiaries can access funds directly on mobile wallets, cash pick-up locations, or bank accounts within minutes. No more waiting days on bank checks and wires to slowly move internationally. 

Safe & Secure Platform

Altras utilizes the latest safety protocols for identity verification, and partner audits to guarantee secure money transfers. Customers must provide appropriate identification to prevent fraud, comply with global regulations, and ensure transfers successfully reach their intended recipients.  

Convenient Online Platform

Sending money is always available online or via Altras mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Customers can securely register, input beneficiary details, confirm transfer amounts, convert to local currency, pay, and track payments electronically in minutes.

Top Recipient Payout Networks

Unlike major wire transmitters and banks that struggle to reach many rural regions, Altras utilizes an expansive payout system across Sudan. This includes leading mobile wallets, cash agents in most major cities and towns, and partnerships with Blue Nile Mashreq Bank as well as other local banks to deposit funds directly to account holders. 

Dedicated Customer Service  

For any questions or help with the remittance process, Altras maintains excellent 24/7 multilingual customer service online, by phone/WhatsApp, and email/live chat. Whether confirming transactions, checking exchange rates, managing transfers, or finding Sudan agent locations – consider Altras your money transfer partner for Sudan!


Sending money to Sudan through a reliable service like Altras provides needed financial support to families in an important time of rebuilding. With low fees, great exchange rates, fast transfers and an expansive local payout network, money can be sent digitally in minutes from the UK, Europe, and Canada directly to recipients across Sudan. Whether it’s supporting daily needs, paying for school, growing a small business, building homes, or helping communities, remittances make a real social and economic difference. 

By utilizing secure digital money transfer platforms rather than expensive wire services or banks, your funds can be delivered faster with lower fees to ensure your hard-earned money makes the most impact where it matters. Providing accessible, transparent financial bridges ultimately empowers growth, financial independence and stronger local economies in Sudan. So choose your money transfer provider wisely and make supporting loved ones more affordable.

Experience the Altras difference today and see why thousands of customers trust us to send their money safely and securely to Sudan and beyond.